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  • Audio Video Show 2015!


    Audio Video Show is already behind us!  The second largest exhibition Hi-Fi in Europe broke last year's record exhibitors. We also didn't run out on the nineteenth edition and hosted this year in Hall 1 Azalea in Golden Tulip Hotel in Warsaw.

    This year's Audio Video Show exhibition was unique not only for our company, but also the whole an audiophile communities in Poland. We have presented to you a system realizing the dream of the perfect sound. VOX OLYMPIAN speakers system with the KONDO electronics created the most perfect, and also the most expensive one, costing over 1 milion British Pounds system that ever played in our country.

    VOX OLYMPIAN system with VOX ELYSIAN  bass modules, dedicated G8 table and flagship of the legendary KONDO Audio Note electronics  allowed you to discover entirely new musical universe, after listened to nothing will sound the same.

    During the exhibition new DIVALDI brand works had its premiere, which have done the another step in connection of Polish technical craftsmanship with sophisticated and elegant design. At the exhibition we presented improved version of the AMP - 01 headphone amplifier, which both sonically and in color match perfectly with one of the best headphones available on the market - Final Sonorous VIII. The audio source for this system was the Nottingham Interspace Junior turntable, which completed this extremely successful trio. Many listeners of the system returned several times to hear once again and again the magic sound coming out of this system.

    There was also a premiere of project, over which our engineering team has worked continuously for over 3 years. This product was a Divaldi INT-01 integrated amplifier, which combining in it’s exclusive housing not only a preamplifier and amplifier stages, but also the digital and analog domains. We are extremely proud for the effect that we achieved.

    It was not all products for brand Divaldi, which we presented at the exhibition. Is worth mentioning also about FS-01 floor speakers that a sure step are aimed at it will be premier in 2016. All presented products have gained a great appreciation among visitors of stand, which located in Hall Azalea I, despite the fact that steady vis-à-vis the most expensive audio system which ever developed!

    This year Audio Video Show was also a good opportunity to show ORTOFON A/S  products, among which the most expensive and finest cartridge in almost one hundred years company history took a lead of – MC ANNA. Did you hear about the Ortofon HiFi cables? If not, this year's exhibition was a great opportunity to familiarize excellent cables of this manufacturer. They are becoming increasingly popular in Poland and in rest of the world. You can also acquaint  with Ortofon audio cables on the occasion of the ongoing tour of the set of these products over the High-end shops, that belongs to our retail trade network in Poland.

    Another surprise we prepared for our visitors in the Azalea I hall was unannounced return to the market of the legendary product of the Nottingham Analogue Studio brand - the Horizon turntable. After 10 years and numerous persuasions, Nottingham has finally returned to the production of this model. Reedition of the turntable has been presented along with the original 10 - inch Interspace tonearm. Many people wanted to take this product to their homes right away, and the big number of orders "on the spot" confirmed us, that it was worth to patiently look forward to him.

    We are also happy that such large group of visitors came to our exhibition hall - Azalea I. This year, your interest has exceeded our wildest expectations, which sometimes resulted in absence of free sitting places in our room. Demonstrations of multi-million system for the VIP attracted to our area at the Golden Tulip such stars like singer Andrew 'Smolik' Smolinski and radio and television presenters - Hirek Wrona and Mark Sierocki.

    We invite you to watch the program "The question for breakfast", the television crew visited our exhibition. The presenter of the program said "The Heaven really exist - at least for Audiophiles!" Why so?

    See for yourselves …

    Thank you all for attending, interest and welcome for the next year to Audio Video Show.

    See you next year!

    Mediam Team


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